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We invite you to explore some of our amazing new products.  Better still visit us to experience these products for yourself. To get the latest news and exclusive sneak peaks on what’s new, join our community:


Energy Saving & Protecting The Environment

Replaces all other methods of heating and does away with the need for radiators and other heating equipment on interior walls. The visual impact of heated glazing is identical in all respects to that of conventional glazing. Since electrical supply cables and connections are built into the interior of structural sections.

The heated glazing is always tempered (thermally toughened), and the double- or triple-glazed enhanced thermal insulation glazing unit contains a rare gas, rendering it super-insulating and ensuring the lowest possible levels of heat losses to the exterior. The electrical wiring is recessed in the frame sections, making HeatGlass a completely invisible and transparent heating system.

Well being and comfort

The principle is simple: a coating that is invisible to the naked eye and which is made up of metallic micro-particles is deposited on the entire internal surface of the interior pane. This coating is connected to an electrical supply through a connector and acts as a low-temperature heating element (20 to 45°C), radiating heat towards the interior of the room. The low-emissivity internal coating of the external pane acts as a reflector.

Radiation provides heat through radiative processes (infra-red radiation) with no movement of air, unlike convection which transfers heat through the movement of the surrounding air. Heat, in the form of radiation, is absorbed then re-transmitted by the objects and surfaces that it meets, resulting in a pleasant, even warmth!

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Turning Dreams into Reality


With advanced performance to deliver a truly exceptional Bi-Fold door system. Meticulously designed to replicate the traditional steel look and feel, features authentic design


Turning Dreams into Reality

The sightlines are 90mm wide creating a slimline profile to accentuate the steel look style door. Thermally broken aluminium in the glass with slimline bars at 25mm wide giving you more glass on show

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Four Track Sliding Doors

All panels moving, all in one direction

We have started to manufacture in the last 6 months a four-track sliding door, all door panels moving. Open at either end, you can have a massive 75% of the opening, enjoying views open and closed. On a four-track, you can achieve opening widths of 12m wide, however, the height will be impacted the wider the opening.

83mm offers symmetry

The four-track sliding door can be manufactured in either out 83mm slider or our 35mm slider. Both doors look amazing. However, the 35mm has a slim profile and can give an elongated look and works well with tall ceilings, while to 83mm offers symmetry all round and large almost industrial pillars dividing each toughened glass panel.

Our 20mm Virtually Frameless Slider

Innovative Products

Modernisation is a gift to be embraced and not resented. In the trendy and ever expanding innovative industry dealing with the supply of slimline sliding doors and unique glass technics

Beautiful Design

Designed in-house by our own team, 1st Folding Sliding Door ’s virtually frameless system creates a modern stylish and slimline balustrade that moves away from the traditional look of iron balustrades.

Extensive Testing & Documentation

We test our glass balustrade glass under extreme conditions including fragmentation, impact and bending strength testing all carried out to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards

Our New Perimeter Balustrade

Arriving in our new external perimeter balustrade soon, coming with optional top rail or with no top rail. We are starting to install them at the moment, with large training programs taking place, if you are interested, please contact us using the below link

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Electric Roller Blinds

Coming soon…

Roller blinds are a very popular design choice. They require minimal space, with the fabric rolling around the motor tube to open. The automatic control also gives you smooth operation and tidy appearance every time. Our new collection will be coming soon 2019!

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Frameless glass structures. Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

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